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Our Mobile Alloy Wheel Repair Service:

When your car’s wheel rim has suffered damage from either a gutter or roadside curb, our mobile alloy wheel technician will come to your home or office to remove any scratch and repaint to original finish.

When it comes to mag wheel repair in Sydney, you need a trusted repair specialist that is professionally trained and highly experienced.

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    Cost effective

    Only 45 minutes
    per wheel!

    2-years warranty.

    We come to you!

    Your One-stop Service
    For Any Rim Repair

    Whether you have a small scratch or a significant one, whether that’s on your alloy wheels or mags, we have the expertise and the tools to get the job done right the first time.

    Our team handles all types of alloy wheel repair and offer only high quality service. This includes curb chipping, gutter damage, discolouration through age or harsh cleaning chemicals. (Please note we do not repair cracked, buckled or bent mag wheels.)

    What Makes Us Different?

    We always remove the alloy wheel from your vehicle and conduct the full repair process in our S.M.A.R.T. prepared van. We make sure that no work is conducted near your vehicle, which ensures the alloy wheel repair process is clean and fuss-free.

    Using a bead breaker allows us to gently push the tyre off the rim, giving full access to the damaged area. This important step also protects your tyre!

    At PRO Auto Repairs, we only use automotive-grade paints and products, ensuring colour matching accuracy and quality no matter what alloy wheel you have. It’s something we take very seriously.

    Lastly, our paint and clear coats are cured ensuring
    a lasting and durable finish.

    Our Rim Repair Services

    At PRO Auto Repairs, our highly trained team is the best in class for mag wheels repair, having assisted thousands of car owners in and around Sydney with their auto repair needs. For us, there is no other option but to strive for the very best in all our repair work.

    Colour Change

    Colour Change

    A little bit of colour can make the world of difference to a rim. If your car needs a new lease on life, PRO Auto Wheel Repairs get your alloy wheels in great condition in less than five hours.

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    Curb Damage &
    Gutter rash

    Curb Damage &
    Gutter rash

    Using only the best state of the art tools and the highest quality products available to get your rims repaired, our highly trained technicians will work carefully on your mags to remove any damage caused by curbs or gutters. No matter what the finish on your alloy wheel, whether that be gloss or matte black, graphite or shadow chrome, we have the expertise and trained team to restore your rims to their former glory. Why should you settle for scratched rims when there is an alloy wheel repair service around the corner?

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    Diamond Cut

    Diamond Cut

    Take advantage of our Diamond Cut Repair service for your car wheels. Our professional team with the best tools in the business will come to you! The end result will be of such a high quality that it will be difficult to discern from the more expensive option.

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    To bring damaged alloy wheels repaired to their best, Sydney’s mobile alloy wheel repair specialists will come to you for a full respray. Your car deserves to have the best mags possible, and with our discolouration service, this is exactly what you’ll have.

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    Shadow Chrome

    Shadow Chrome

    Shadow chrome alloy wheel repairs are complicated in nature due to the interaction of light between their black base and the shadow chrome tint. PRO Auto Repairs are experts when it comes to repairing shadow chrome alloy wheels being trusted by dealerships such as Chatswood and Parramatta Lexus to repair all their new, used and service vehicles

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    Trust Pro Auto Repairs

    PRO Auto Repairs comes to you for all your alloy wheel repairs. In
    approximately 1 hour, we will have you back on the road in showroom condition. Now that’s convenient!

    Our auto repair specialists repair your vehicle wherever you are, using specialty equipment that is housed in our purpose-built vans.

    We are also received a 2024 Product Review Award for outstanding service

    Discover a better to get your car wheels, dents and paint scrapes repaired with PRO Auto Repairs in Sydney. When it comes to alloy wheel repairs, look no further than PRO Auto Repairs

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