Alloy Wheel Discolouration Repair

Discolouration of your alloy wheels can happen over time and chances are that you haven’t even noticed it happening. There are many ways in which your wheels can be affected: a lack of regular cleaning is normally the culprit, but aggressive wheel cleaners can also leave lines and streaks.

Even the everyday accumulation of brake dust can cause a slow change in the colour of your rims. For shadow chrome or matte black rims, the problem can be exacerbated.

To bring damaged wheels back to their best, Sydney’s PRO Auto Wheel Repairs will come to you for a full respray. Unlike other companies, we carefully remove each wheel to limit any risk of overspray on your vehicle. 

Working within the confines of our service vans, each wheel is brought back to its original lustre before being returned to your car. Discolouration services start from $132 to $199 per wheel.