Alloy Wheel Colour Change

It’s amazing what a difference a little colour makes. If your car needs a new lease on life, PRO Auto Wheel Repairs can make a world of difference in under five hours.

Our Colour Change package starts from $660 and uses only the best automotive paints from PPG. Our Sydney team comes to you – carefully removing each wheel before applying a new colour to the rims within the security of our service van.

This is a comprehensive service that does more than simply paint your wheels. Our mobile service will remove any curb damage before painting the entire wheel. The new colour is applied behind the spokes, and inside of the rim to ensure a professional finish.

Options include either a hyper gloss or matte/satin finish and come with a 12-month warranty. The PRO Auto Wheel Repairs Colour Change package will bring back that new car feeling without even leaving your driveway.