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Elite Car Paint Protection Sydney

  • Superior Slickness
  • Premium Protection
  • Advanced Durability

PRO Auto Repairs have partnered with 3D, an international market leader in vehicle paint protection and car care products. 3D Ceramic Coating offers a sensational gloss on your car’s finish that is so intense, a better word to describe it is a glassy look, plus long-lasting paint protection and incredible water beading effect.

3D’s Ceramic Coating is a professional grade coating that offers protection and longevity to your vehicles paint work that far exceeds that of car waxes and synthetic paint sealants.

Your car will stay cleaner – longer. Because of the super hydrophobic surface 3D Ceramic Coating creates, dirt, dust, pollen, road grime, industrial fallout and airborne pollution are a lot less likely to stick or bond to the paint surface.

A true ceramic coating with true 9h hardness. While all of the above features are great in and of themselves, the feature you’re going to love the most is the liquid glassy look the coating creates on your vehicles paint. Your car’s paint will literally look like it just rolled out of the paint booth with that wet-paint-look that comes from a professional custom paint job.

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Mobile Vehicle Detailing and Ceramic Coating services

Premium Car Paint Protection Sydney

3D Ceramic Nanotechnology Paint Protection

3D Ceramic Coating is a liquid coating professionally hand applied to all the external surfaces of your vehicle.
The process involves two layers of coating applied to each panel, leaving a highly hydrophobic gloss finish that is resistant to UV damage,
chemicals and environmental elements.

  • Green technology,
    Earth friendly
  • 2-year protection and
    even longer – depends on
    how car is washed.
  • Makes future washing
    and drying faster, safer,
    and easier
  • True ceramic coating
    with true 9h hardness
  • Superior gloss that holds
    up over time much better
    than competitors.
  • Creates a self-cleaning
    effect any time it rains for
    a cleaner car.

What is it?

3D Paint coating is a speciality polymer resin and a true ceramic coating.

What does it do?

Seals your car’s paint using a liquid polymer which cures to a flexible solid.

When do you use it?

3D Ceramic Coating is for paint in new or excellent condition or after neglected paint has been properly cleaned, clayed and any paint correction steps are performed. 3D Ceramic Coating must be applied to paint in perfect condition for maximum product performance.

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Ceramic Coating & Paint Protection Sydney

PRO Auto Repairs Ceramic Coatings and Paint Protection

3D Ceramic Coating
New Car

  • Exterior foam gun shampoo and clean
  • Pressure washer rinse
  • Windows, mirrors and wheels cleaned
  • Clay bar of all painted surfaces
  • Chamois hand dried
  • Machine polish and paint correction of
    vehicle prior to application
  • Two applications per panel of
    3D Ceramic Coating

** A new car is defined as being a vehicle that is purchased new from a dealership and less than two weeks old.

Sedan $550
SUV/4WD $850

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3D Ceramic Coating
Used Car

  • Exterior foam gun shampoo and clean
  • Pressure washer rinse
  • Windows, mirrors and wheels cleaned
  • Clay bar of all painted surfaces
  • Chamois hand dried
  • Machine buff/cut vehicle paintwork removing
    swirl marks and paint imperfections
  • Final polish and correction of vehicle
  • Two applications per panel of 3D Ceramic

** Additional time is required on used cars due to the amount of paint correction required before ceramic coating application

Sedan $899
SUV/4WD $990

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For ongoing maintenance and longevity we recommend our BASIC detailing package every 3 months or so. This will help achieve maximum longevity from the ceramic coating application.

Ceramic Coating

The Ultimate Car Paint Protection

Step 1

Wash time!

Vehicle is foam gun shampooed and washed prior to a clay bar process that removes bonded surface contaminants that cannot be removed by washing alone.

Step 2

Prep Time!

Vehicle is dried down before a machine paint correction process, removing imperfections such as swirl marks and minor scratches with cutting, buffing and polishing. Some vehicles require more attention at this point than others.

Step 3

Ceramic Coating!

Here we go – the final step. Your car is carefully coated twice on all panels using a crosshatch pattern to ensure all areas are coated evenly. Done – your car is now ceramic coated and fully protected

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do Car Ceramic Coatings last years?

Yes it does, but not forever. There are a lot of wild claims out there from competitors offering lifetime warranties or similar. No product can last that long whilst enduring harsh Australian conditions on a daily basis. Eventually the coating will wear thin and offer less protection than when applied new. Not a problem – simply re-coat.

2. Does it really make it easier to clean/maintain my car?

It sure does! However, we do not recommend taking your car to any type of automatic car wash. Best to always wash by hand using clean sponges or wash mitts.

3. What happens when you have finished coating my car?

We ask (wherever possible) that you do not drive the car for a few hours. This will allow the coating to fully harden before being exposed to the real world.

4. Can you Ceramic Coat my car?

Yes, absolutely. Our technicians are fully trained in all paint correction and ceramic coating applications ensuring a perfect job done always.

5. Do you offer Interior Fabric Protection?

We currently only offer exterior paint protection only using our preferred product 3D Ceramic Coating.

6. Do I still have to wax my car?

The 3D Ceramic Coating is incredibly stout and resistant to chemical attack and physical degradation via micro-abrading from contact-abrasion like washing and wiping the paint. That said, you must still wash the coated vehicle regularly to keep the surface clean and wash it carefully so as not to mar or scratch the coating.

7. Is it true that your Ceramic Coating is one of the best?

Yes, 3D products and ceramic coatings are extremely well regarded for their honest and high quality approach to product development, research and testing. Used by professional detailers and paint protection companies across the world.

8. Is Ceramic Coating scratch-free?

3D ceramic coating is scratch resistant but no ceramic coating is scratch free. Any claim that says it is will be bogus.

9. Where do you service?

We cover all areas of Sydney and come to you!!

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    • ** A new car is defined as being a vehicle that is purchased new from a dealership and less than two weeks old.