These are some of our frequently asked questions. For more information on PRO Auto Repairs please contact us on 1300 259 529.
Yes, we have most colours pre mixed and our technicians have the ability to match on site in our mobile vehicles.
No, you must ensure you have these when we arrive as the wheel will need to be removed for repair regardless of the damage.
Yes, this will greatly aid the quality and efficiency of the repair.
In most cases we can repair diamond cut wheels, but not always. Please call us to discuss options.
If the wheel is of a highly polished mirror finish, there is a good chance it is diamond cut. If you look closely at the wheel and see lots of tiny scores (similar to a traditional vinyl record) then it will be diamond cut.
Yes, this will however incur an additional cost due to the amount of product required. For specific colour changes (e.g. blacks, gun metal, grey etc.) please ring ahead.
No, in most circumstances we do advise you replace the wheel due to safety concerns.
We only used the highest quality Australian branded products. We do not use any illegal or inferior products.
This depends upon the size of the damage to the alloy. A simple standard repair will be approximately 45 minutes. If you have more than one wheel, the time is usually less for the additional wheels.
Fully hardened it will take around 48 hours, although it will be touch dry in 30 minutes.
As soon as we are finished you are able to drive within 60 minutes, but we advise you leave it a few hours for optimal results.
It is recommended that you leave this for 48 hours. Avoidance of chemicals and pressure washers is strongly advised to prevent any faults occurring.
This sounds like it has had a poor repair in the past and the area was not prepared correctly. We would need to assess this further to give you a firm answer.
All of our technicians work Monday to Friday, however weekends can sometimes be arranged with prior notice.
Yes, someone will need to be there with the car keys, as well as for a signature of satisfaction and payment.
We accept all major credit/debit cards and cash. Please retain the invoice for proof of purchase. All cards incur a small 2% card handling fee.
Yes, please retain this as it is your only proof of purchase.
Yes, all repairs are guaranteed for 12 months. Please note production of your receipt/invoice is required.