We back our beautiful results. Read on to learn more about our warranty.

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We back our beautiful results. Read on to learn more about our warranty.

Competitive pricing guaranteed. 100% Spam free. No hassles.

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Confidence and Commitment

As a customer facing company, the Automotive Repair Systems team are fully committed to providing our customers with an industry leading level of customer service:

  • You can expect us to be welcoming, courteous, polite and respectful
  • We will always be helpful and responsive, clear in our communication, and will keep you informed at all times
  • We will let you know what we can provide and who to contact
  • We will aim to provide high quality information that is suited to your individual needs

NOTE: We offer a 5-years warranty on alloy wheels and a 5-years warranty on all paint repairs.

Warranty to the extent permissible by law:

1. Pro Auto Repairs warrants that any services supplied by it shall:

i. Be Free From Any Defect In Workmanship; And

ii. Are Solely Of A Surface Nature And May Not Last For The Life Of The Wheel On Which It Is Carried Out; And

iii. Applies Only To The Original Customer Of The Service.

2. Pro Auto Repairs shall have no obligations under this Warranty, or any other liability, now or in the future if the wheel on which the service is carried out is damaged by:

i. Allowing Water On To The Repaired Wheel Before A Time Of 48 Hours After The Repair Was Carried Out. Water Can Etch Spots Into The Clear Coat; Or

ii. Cleaning The Wheels With Wheel Cleaning Agents That Contain Acid, Solvents, Or Any Other Agent Other Than Mild Soapy Water; Or

iii. Natural Forces, Disasters, Or Acts Of God Including, But Not Limited To, Winds, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Hail, Lightning, Earthquakes, Atomic Radiation, Insects, Or Animals; Or

iv. Any Act(S) Conduct Or Omissions(S) By Any Person, Or Act(S) Of War, Which Damages The Wheel; Or

v. Alterations Or Repairs To The Wheel Where Such Alterations Or Repairs Include The Areas That This Service Refers To.

3. All warranties and conditions implied by law or otherwise that are not expressly set out in this document are hereby expressly excluded. Pro Auto Repairs’ liability for breach of any condition or warranty implied by law is limited to either the amount of the invoice or to the supplying of those services again. In the event that a condition or warranty is implied by law and cannot be excluded, then the liability of Pro Auto Repairs to the full extent permitted by the Competition & Consumer Act.

4. In any event, Pro Auto Repairs shall not be liable for special or consequential loss or damages OR diminution or loss of profit is suffered by the Customer attributable to defective workmanship or materials or design or delay in repairing the defective wheel.

5. Where the Customer wishes to allege that the services are not in accordance with specifications the Customer must do so by notice in writing within a period of thirty (30) days after completion of the service as otherwise the service shall be deemed to be in all respects in accordance with such specifications.

i. The Customer releases and indemnifies Pro Auto Repairs, its employees, officers, contractors and agents from and against any loss, claim, demand, liability or damage whatsoever however arising (including liability or damage caused by any negligent act or omission) in connection with the supply of the wheel repair services, except to the extent that such loss, claim, demand, liability or damage is caused by the negligence of Pro Auto Repairs including any damage to property at the point of delivering the wheel repair service.

ii. Pro Auto Repairs shall charge the Customer interest on all overdue accounts at the rate of 1% above the overdraft rate charged to Pro Auto Repairs by its bankers from time to time. An account shall be overdue in the event that payment is not made strictly within the time specified hereon.

iii. The Customer shall not copy or cause to be copied any specification or technical data supplied by Pro Auto Repairs.


NOTES: The following should be added:


(1) All work is covered by a 1-year guarantee for faulty/sub-standard work or products unless otherwise stated on the invoice relating to that order or service or repair carried out.

(2) PRO Auto Repairs have the right to see any faulty work and have the opportunity to rectify any said faulty work.

(3) If the fault is deemed to be created by the owner/user of the vehicle it will not be guaranteed. This will include any acid/chemical washes to any new paintwork which is harmful to the vehicle.

(4) If the fault has been created by further damage this work will not be guaranteed.

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